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Brasil in Trio, CD musics to listen.



One click and listen the CD Brasil in Trio Interpreta Alessandro Branco


Baiãozinho - 5:12 (arr. Everton Luiz)


Chinelo de Dedo - 4:28 (arr. Everton Luiz)


Chorando no Vale 4:07 Participação especial Gabriel Grossi (Harmônica) (arr. Everton Luiz). 


Deixa Disso 5:26 (arr. Everton Luiz)


Maracatudo 4:29 (arr. Gleyson Andrade)


No passo do Malandro 6:03 (arr. Gleyson Andrade)


Por Acaso 6:09 (arr. Julio Lemos)


Repentista 5:21 (arr. Gleyson Andrade)


Sambaião 4:32 participação especial Marco Pereira (violão) (arr. Julio Lemos)


Tio Patinhas 4:59 (arr. Everton Luiz)



The composer describe the Brasil in Trio Work:


A few years ago, I started writing some songs and some unpretentious melodic themes, which i have showed sometimes, without ever thinking that they could one day be part of such a sophisticated and so beautiful work like this. I confess that I even got the pleasure of having played with Diego Amaral and have seen somehow his musical growth over the years we worked together, I'm still surprised the technical nuances and subtlety in its interpretation. Other 

that surprises me every time i see him play his flute, his sax or clarinet, is the great master Everton Luiz, deep knowledge of the instruments that play, expert arranger, instrumentalist, and endowed with a unique intuition for improvisation, which for some years been offering us with their talent. And what to say of this young musician and great guitarist Julio Lemos, who also somehow was able to follow the evolution from adolescence to his time? to talk about the elegance of the arrangements made​​, especially the song "Por Acaso" which gained a completely new dimension? Words can never describe the honor and happiness of having left my little "moments of inspiration" in the hands of musicians so precious.



Alessandro Branco.

Disk 2 - Brasil in trio plays Jarbas Cavendish

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