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Brasil In Trio

Brazilian Instrumental Music

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Brasil in Trio, in a new concerts tour in Europe. Portugal, Évora, the fisrt concert.

Cd Brasil in Trio, concert in Caldas Novas city, at

Approved project of the Disco Tour in Brazil Trio 

in Goiânia, By incentive Cuture law.  

In brief disclosure of the dates and locations of shows.


Launch of work 

Brazil in Trio released their first album of instrumental music. The Disco is a reinterpretation of the works of the composer Alessandro Branco.

E V E N T S​



Concert at Évora City (Portugal), at, Évora University of Músic. Workshop Based on The Brasil in Trio Disc.



Brasil in Trio instrumental,  concert at Buenos Aires (Argentina), escuela internacional de percusión y Danza Siete Octavos.



Workshop Brasil in Trio based on the songs and arrangements of the CD of Brasil in Trio at the International Escuela de Danza y Siete Percusión Octavos in Buenos Aires (Argentina).


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